Sunny Days

västerås sweden musik sunny days

Sunny Days is a Swedish pop/rockband consisting of Olivia Åhs, Johan Mattsson, Alexander Karlsson, Marcus Johanson and Kiwii Persson.

Three of the members, Alexander, Marcus and Kiwii, attended the same school. A few years after gradutation, Alexander and Kiwii started the band with Alexanders childhood friend Johan, who moved from Karlstad to Västerås for the music. After awhile Marcus joined the band and in late 2018 Olivia Åhs got in touch with the four bandmembers and the music started flowing.

Olivia Åhs

The lead singer Olivia, joined the band in late 2018,. She has a long singing background is known for her tonal accuracy. She is also a top 10 Swedish Idol finalist.

Alexander karlsson

"The rhythm is the beat" is Alexander's motto. The rhythm guitarist has a long history around music and actually started out as a bass guitarist when he was younger.  

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Johan Mattsson

As much as he is the band's lead guitarist, Johan is an entertainer. "If I can make at least someone smile, I'm done!" he says. If he needs to, Johan will grabb any instrument to take the band to the next level, in both the studio and on stage.

Marcus Johanson

Marcus is a one of a kind. With absolutely no musical learning, he grabbed the bass in 2014, when the band was in need of a such, and just rocked it. He turned the band's pulsing sound to a more interesting rhythm with his tunes. 

Dan Kiwii Persson

The one who is always in control, always in time and never missed a beat. The drummer Kiwii is one of three who's has been in the band since the start, and makes the band larger than life with his loud and stabil drum beats.